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A feature piece on the infamous Buckhorn Bar in Laramie, WY, where bullets were fired, Metallica was booed off stage, and football fans brought the field goal post after a Cowboy win. 
"If you have been to Laramie in the past 117 years, chances are that you have been to the Buckhorn Bar and Parlor, a bar that boasts a long history and many stories.
This bar has seen many faces over its long life, creating a multitude of legendary tales passed down from generation to generation. Students, parents of students, and parents of parents of students all are familiar with the Buckhorn Bar and could probably tell you stories about their experiences there."
A news piece on the Wyoming legislature looking to bypass courts when making funding changes in education
"Senate Resolution SJ 09, if passed, would allow legislature to determine public school funding adequacy, and would also prohibit courts from needing funding for schools beyond what is allowed by the law. In short, the legislation will take the reins from the courts on public school budgets and will determine how much schools need. "
An event piece from the Nathaniel Rateliff & The Night Sweats concert in Laramie, WY. 
"Rateliff walked onto the dark stage and when the lights came on, he showed the crowd why the band is rapidly gaining recognition across the country. Rateliff’s voice and intonation was impressive and the soul and almost pain in his voice added substance to his lyrics, matching the style of music almost perfectly.
Each member of the band added depth to the songs, with the baritone saxophone and the bass guitar adding a level of soul, the piano adding the swing and vintage feel, and the guitars bringing the sound back to the present with alternative rock-style riffs and solos."
A sports column piece about the University of Wyoming Football's increased number of games televised on ESPN and the increased recruiting opportunities as a result
"For many years, UW athletics has had a tough task at hand in the recruiting department, which I believe has been made easier by an increasing amount of exposure on national television.
Understanding recruits’ wants and getting them to the arctic plains we know as Laramie is tough, I would imagine, especially when you’re competing against places that have beaches, people, and/or a large number of amenities. It seems, however, that recruits are starting to realize that Wyoming isn’t a bad place to play, and you can see that with our increasingly better teams every year. I think that this has to do with the rapid increase in TV exposure for Wyoming."
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