I was hired in 2021 as a Digital Marketing Specialist at Pivotal Innovation in efforts to increase their web presence on LinkedIn, email, and other mediums. While in this role, I was able to help increase leads by 127%, revamp their LinkedIn outreach efforts and content, implement an email campaign process, and publish business-related articles. 

Examples of the content and design created include:
Acceleration Video Outro
I created this video outro in Adobe Illustrator and After Effects to be used in many of our content and partner outreach videos. With the company's main focus being to push the concept of "Accelerate Business Value Growth", I thought that this engine RPM acceleration was an apt representation.
Growth Acceleration Session Webinar Logo
This logo was created for a webinar we ran designed to help businesses learn important concepts in creating business value growth.
LinkedIn MicroVideos
We ran a series of MicroVideos to establish thought leadership in major areas of strategic planning, business constraints, and business value growth, etc. To reduce costs and promote ease of creation, the video was captured in a rudimentary fashion using the speaker's webcam with a green screen behind. Graphics and animations were created from scratch.
LinkedIn MicroPosts
Similar to the MicroVideos, we ran a series of MicroPosts to illustrate thought leadership in the field. All graphics and animations were created from scratch in Adobe Illustrator and After Effects.
Article: 3 Reasons Software is Holding Your Company Back
The idea for this article came from noticing the sheer amount of software platforms that are used in every day business. While I am a huge advocate for new software platforms, I believe that these platforms don't often work well together, and aren't being utilized properly to transform the company. The article image was created by me.

Article: Rethink Communication
As part of our "Rethink" series, I wrote an article on the Great Resignation and the tie to how businesses communicate with employees.

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