I was hired as a Branding and Marketing Specialist to aid the company in commercialization strategies around a very mature software. During this time, I crafted and implemented strategic marketing plans aligned with the company's commercialization goals, spearheaded branding revitilzation projects to refresh the company's image and stand out among competitors, and leveraged digital marketing strategies with direct email, website SEO, and social media reach.

Examples of the content and design created include:
Initiative • Website Redesign
While working at encoord, the company decided to rework the website and shift our messaging from over focus on our solutions, to a focus on industry challenges. I helped lead this effort, working with a third party website developer. I was tasked with creating new visual assets including headers, icons, team photos, and similar. I also worked to SEO optimize and promote website interaction both in the layout, CTAs, and content. 
When we finished our branding revitalization project, I also updated the website to include the changes. 
Initiative   Branding Revitalization
I managed a major initiative at encoord to revitalize logos, typography, colors, customer-facing materials, and graphic motifs. This effort was to keep the company looking fresh and ehance our unique value proposition. This project was slowly implemented over the course of my time at encoord.
Initiative •  Campaign Implementation
During my time at encoord, I greatly pushed to implement cadenced content campaigns utilizing content crafted by myself and the experts in the company. Content was aligned by topic and directed toward pressing issues in the energy industry combined with our software's competencies and features. The content was mostly in the form of case studies, articles, webinars, press releases, videos, new releases, 
Initiative •  Account Based Marketing
A major push for our company was to take a more direct and personal route to sales and marketing. I suggested ABM as a strategy to give our company a personalized experience for those in the customer journey. This ABM process included specific targeting, highly-focused content, and account tracking.
Video  encoord's 2023: Progressing the Energy Transition
This video was designed to inform our customers, investors, and friends about noteworthy events, content, and awards throughout 2023. The video was created with Adobe After Effects and Adobe Illustrator.
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